I am speaking about Our NHS to various audiences and media outlets in 2023 and 2024 (new events may be added nearer the time):

June 2023

7th June – St Anne’s College, Oxford, Seminar Room 7, 4pm (BOOK LAUNCH)

14th June – NHS ConfedExpo, Manchester

20th June – Northumbria Libraries

29th June – Majority Report

July 2023

3rd July – BBC Radio 4, ‘Start the Week’

4th July – The Department of Health and Social Care, London

5th July – BBC Radio Ulster/BBC Radio Oxford

6th July – Havering Libraries, London

August 2023

September 2023

21st September – Center for European Studies (CES), Harvard University

22nd – 23rd September – ‘The Future of Social Democracy’ Conference, The Remarque Center, New York City

28th September – Modern British History Seminar, Columbia University

October 2023

5th October – INSIGHTS Public Lecture, Newcastle University, Newcastle

20th October – Mansfield Public Talks, Mansfield College, Oxford

November 2023

3rd November – Modern British History Seminar, Northwestern University, Chicago

10th-12th November – North Atlantic Conference on British Studies, Baltimore

5th December – University of Strathclyde, Glasgow

March 2024

5th March – Public Lecture, St Anne’s College, Oxford

June 2024

19th June – Labour and Social Democracy, Mile End Institute, Queen Mary University of London